Jeyes Fluid 300ml


* Jeyes Fluid is a powerful multi-purpose outdoor cleaner trusted by millions of users to tackle a wide range of outdoor cleaning jobs
* Jeyes Fluidis suitable for cleaning and disinfecting paths, patios and driveways, unblocking drains, and disinfecting animal housing
* It has been a trusted disinfectant for farmers for many years for its effectiveness as a insecticide and repellent effective against flies, wasps, midges and other flying insects * It has also been proven to kill Avian/Bird flu.
* Features of Jeyes Fluid: Effective against flies, wasps, mosquitoes, midges and other flying insects
* Kills 99.9% of germs
* Cleans and de-odorises drains
* Kill Avian Influenza/Bird Flu
* Cleans and freshens waterbutts
* Disinfects animal housing/equine

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