Portasol Cordless Dehorner 111


* The Calf Dehorner III from Portasol is the perfect tool for dehorning herds of young calves 3 – 8 weeks old
* The strength of the working head has been increased with the addition of 20mm stainless steel and the new ignition system featuring both click-to-ignite and manual ignition
* It now boasts 30% extra protection due to the new ignition system’s ceramic technology, as well as copper bud removers for rapid heat (up to 650°C)
* Ignition system makes use of ceramic technology
* Ideal for use on calves between 3 & 8 weeks old
* Adjustable temperature equivalent to 225 Watts
* Excellent heat retaining properties enabling you to dehorn with improved speed and ease
* Can be ignited manually or by using clicker
* Heats up to 650°C incredibly quickly
* 2 Year Warranty

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