Asepto Cool 25Kg (form:Hydrosan Plus Liquid)


* Description: 18.67% Caustic – strongest caustic-chlorine based detergent
* Can be used in hot/cold water and can also be used in hard/soft water
* Directions:
MILKING MACHINES MORNING CLEANING: After milking rinse machine to waste with 13 litres of cold water per milking unit. Add required volume to wash trough allowing 9 litres of water per cluster
* For COLD circulation cleaning use Hydrosan liquid at a rate of 450mls per 45 litres
* For HOT circulation cleaning reduce rate to 300mls per 45 litres
* Circulate the solution for 10 minutes
* Return the solution to the wash trough and retain for evening wash
* Rinse plant with 13 litres of cold water per milking unit

EVENING CLEANING: Pre-rinse as above
* Circulate the solution from the trough through the plant for 10 minutes and then dispose to drain
* Post rinse as above

REGULAR HOT WASHING: If Hydrosan liquid is used in cold water twice daily, it should be used hot once a week – starting temperature 70-75?C
* Use Descale liquid every two weeks if water is hard or once a month if water is soft

BULK TANK CLEANING – AUTOMATIC WASHING: Use at a rate of 300mls per 45 litres following tank manufacturers recommendations for mechanical washer operation

BRUSH WASHING: Rinse off any milk residue by hosing with cold water
* Make up Hydrosan solution at a rate of 300mls per 45 litres of preferably warm water and brush wash all surfaces thoroughly
* Drain solution and rinse to remove all residues by hosing with cold water

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