Privacy Policy

At Agri-needs we are dedicated in looking after your privacy and security of your information when you are shopping with us.  Agri-needs wishes to be transparent with you, about the data that we store and what happens with that data.

Here at Agri-needs we gather some personal and non-personal data from all website users. The personal data is any information that is related to you and allows us to distinguish you from another customer, for example contact details, payment details or purchase information. The non-personal data that is collected is the browser types and the cookies. 

Agri-needs gathers personal information from the consumer at the checkout stage of any online sale. We do this in order to be able to process, package and send your order to you. Personal data for any other purpose will only be gathered if you opt into our marketing at this stage of checkout.

Agri-needs may have the option for you to opt into a mailing list to be notified about anything that could be happening in our store. This will only be used if the consumer opts into our mailing list, in which emails will be sent to them automatically.

Agri-needs use cookies in their websites. A cookie is a small pocket of data which askes permission to be placed on an individual’s hard drive. Once agreed to a cookie analyses your web traffic and can let you know when you have visited a site. Agri-needs use several cookies on the site. If you are unsure of what a cookie is or wish to know how to delete or control them, please visit for more information.

Agri-needs can embed content from other third-party sites such as video content from YouTube. We do not control any relevant cookies from these third-party sites and the consumer should check the site in question for information on these cookies.  Agri-needs uses personal data to provide suitable goods and services to you as a consumer and help improve your overall shopping experience.

Agri-needs will advertise consumers on current promotions and events through the website and will only contact consumers with such information if they have opted into mailing lists. On these mailing emails Agri-needs will give the option for consumers to opt out of receiving such marketing information. 

From time to time we will contact you with information regarding promotions and / or events taking place on the Agri-needs website.  We will only contact you with marketing promotions if you have opted in to receive these. You will also be given every opportunity on every email or text that we send you to indicate you no longer wish to receive marketing material by that means. Agri-needs uses the information the consumer gives to deliver products and services they requested efficiently and quickly. Agri-needs may use data given by the consumer to help improve products and services and improve the consumers experience. Agri-needs never give any information to a third-party partner for marketing or promotional purposes. We will never sell any consumers information to a third party.