Milkshake Powder 7.5kg


* Milkshake 7.5kg is a whole milk additive milk replacer that supports the growth and health of your calves
* Milkshake aids the digestion of milk through improved coagulation and by supporting gut mucous secretions
* It can be used for calves fed whole-milk or milk-replacer
* 7.5kg bucket makes 500 gallons
* Increased calf growth rates of an extra 15%
* Provides claves with the nutrients needed in their first 12 weeks
* Reduces the occurrence of scour
* Higher whole milk intakes
* Feeding Instructions:
– Using cow?s milk, add 15g (1 scoop) Milkshake to 500ml of water, then add this to 4.5 litres of milk
– These measures should prevent milk from curdling excessively and ensure an even dispersion
– If milk curdles it is still perfectly safe to feed to calves. In fact, milk curdles in the calf?s stomach shortly after feeding and is an important part of the normal digestion process
– Using milk-replacer in bucket systems or cold add-lib systems add 15g of milkshake (1 scoop) to 5 litres of milk replacer

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