Milk Warmer Electric E3020/90


* The Lister E3020 Milk Heater is a German engineered powerful, sturdy and easily cleaned milk heater
* The ListerE3020 Milk Heater features an adjustable thermostat, which will maintain a constant temperature while heating the milk and automatically cut off when the milk has reached the desired temperature, this ensures the heater will never burn the milk
* The ListerE3020 Milk Heater features a longer shaft than other milk heaters (approx 860mm), this makes it ideal for heating larger and deeper containers of milk
* The milk heater uses a very powerful 3000w heater and is ideal for heating very large amounts of milk
* The round designed heating element and stand pipe are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, this makes the heater easy to clean and highly hygienic
* TheListerE3020 Milk Heater features a minimal heat up time and is powered from a three pin plug
* The milk heater has a waterproof rating of IPx7
* The Thermostat controls the temperature and is controlled by a easy to use labelled dial
* The thermostat goes from 2 which corresponds to a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius to a max of 100 degrees Celsius
* The Lister E3020 Milk Heater cannot be used in plastic barrels or non heat resistant tubs

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