Shoof Tailwell2 Tail Trimmer


* This unique device has been developed to simplify the tedious job of trimming tails of milking cows
* Tail trimming is carried out to reduce faecal and urine contamination of the milker, and to reduce dirt around the rear quarters and udder of the cow
* It is recommended that tail trimming is carried out about twice a year to ensure milker safety and highest milk quality
* The TailWell Tail Trimmer is secured by way of the chuck shank into any suitable cordless drill of 14 volts or better, and producing approx. 1,000rpm
* It is quiet in use, with a smooth and fast cutting action
* Trimming takes only 3-4 seconds per tail, and is easily accomplished during milking
* The outer blade oscillates over a fixed inner blade, so there is no risk of injury to man or cow
* A neck strap is incorporated so the device can be hands-free between cows
* Replacement blade sets are available
* Lubrication is applied to the blades at the start of operation, and should be re-applied each 80-100 tails

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