Liveryman Classic Adjustable Cutter & Comb


* Adjustable Cutting Height The cutting height can be adjusted between 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, & 2.0 mm to allow the user to get the perfect finish
* The Classic Trimmer comes with an additional comb set for longer cutting lengths
* The combs are ideal for blending removing longer hairs on legs and under the jaw line
* The combs are also useful when trimming and tidying pets
* The adjustable cutting height allows the flexability to trim and tidy where required with ease and gives a professional finish
* Ceramic Blades The Classic Trimmer has ceramic snap on blades which are sharper and will stay sharper for up to 200 clipping hrs, which is way beyond the lifespan of traditional steel blades
* This provides consistent and precise trimming all the time

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