Doxstar 2L


* DoxstarPro is a concentrated formulation containing two powerful root killing ingredients for the control of docks in grazing and silage fields
* DoxstarPro controls both the broadleaved and curly leaved docks
* DoxstarPro moves to the root ensuring high levels of long term control of docks
* It can be used on both grazing and silage fields and does not hold back grass growth
* DoxstarPro also kills dandelions and chickweed
* Use at 2.0lt/ha or in a split dose of 1.0lt/ha fby 1.0l/ha ? six -12 months apart for improved long term control
* Apply in a water volume of 300l/ha
* Can be used on both silage and grazing field
* Very safe on grass
* Only available in Rep of Ireland.

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