Intra Bath Solution 20L


* Intra Hoof-Fit Footbath Solution is part of the Hoof-fit line that boasts the ONLY Antibiotic free treatment for Digital Dermatitis
* Intra Hoof-Fit Footbath is highly effective at protecting against claw ailments
* The concentrated footbath hoof gel promotes stronger hooves and hardens the hoof against infection
* Intra Hoof-Fit Footbath is a curative product containing chelated copper and chelated zinc which allows it to protect against infections and aid the hoof to protect itself (Chelated means the mineral has been combined with amino acids to allow them to be absorbed into the animals system more effectivly.)
* Intra Hoof-Fit Footbath promotes the hooves natural protection insuring the hoof is less likely to suffer from infection
* It comes in various sizes to suit the herd size.
* To get the best results from Intra Hoof-Fit Footbath it should be used in conjunction with Intra hoof-Fit Clean and Control bathing solution, following the Intra Hoof-Fit suggested annual schedule
* Only available in Rep of Ireland

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