Liscop 4000 Sheep & Dirty Cattle Clipper with A5 Blades


* The Liscop 4000 Sheep & Dirty Cattle Clipper is a lightweight handsetergonomically designed with a vibration reducing system and energy efficient DC technology
* Sheep & Dirty Cattle Clipper comes in a durable case with A5 cutter & comb and Clipping Oil
* The handset is ideal for cattle clipping, dagging and sheep shearing
* The On/Off switch is located on the upper rear of the machine
* The Liscop 4000 Sheep & Dirty Cattle Clipper consists of a cooling system with special dual purpose ventilation system for motor, gear-box, clipping head and cutters and combs
* The cutting speed is approximately 2,500 double strokes per minute and the cutter drive system is eccentric with novel tension distributor for smooth running and a longer lifespan
* The air filters are easy to remove and clean with minimum guidance
* The handset weights 2.8lbs and has a 5m long cable
* The Liscop 4000 Sheep & Cattle Clipper comes with fitted blades (A5) and permanent lubricating gears
* The machine has a guarantee period of 1 Year
* Features of Liscop 4000 Sheep & Dirty Cattle Clipper
* German Manufacturer
* Has Cutting Period of 2500 Double Strokes Per Minute & Noise Level is approx. 75dB
* Ideal for Cattle Clipping, Dagging and Sheep Shearing
* Comes in a Durable Case with A5 Cutter & Comb and Clipping Oil
* Fitted Blades (A5) with Permanent Lubricated Gears
* Easy to Remove & Clean Air filters
* Rated Power : 400watt and weights 1,310g without cable
* Cable extends up to 5m and Dimensions: 51*52*340mm

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