Tell Tail Paint 1L Green


* Easy application for oestrus detection
* Highly visible & available in 4 fluorescent colours
* Non irriating
* Can last up to 28 days

Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint is an oil based fluorescent paint used for heat detection in cattle.
The paint is easy to apply and because of its vivid colours it is easy to see your markings.
Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint comes in four easy to see colours, green, blue, red and orange.
When applied properly the markings can last up to 28 days.
One bottle of Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint can mark up to 80 animals.

Before beginning you should ensure that all animals are clean and dry, if needed any loose hair should be removed. The Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint should be applied in a stripe along the spine starting at the head of the tail. The stripe should be 15 cm long and about 5 cm wide. Activity is indicated by the rubbing or removal of the painted on patch.

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