Aqua Lamb 250mls


* Aqua Lamb previsously known as Lamb energiser
* Aqua Lamb is a complementary feeding-stuff designed to support every lamb at birth, by providing readily available energy, prebiotic?s and a natural antioxidant blend in natural Vitamin E
* Aqua Lamb contains the prebiotic scFOS; its soluble dietary fibres are slowly fermented in the gut providing an ideal substrate for natural development of the gut microflora
* The supporting proteins help to aid lambs that may have been deprived of maternal colostrum
* A blend of natural antioxidants contribute to the Vitamin E requirement and help maintain nutritional health and vitality
* Directions For Use: Use the pump to deliver a 2 ml feed directly into the Lambs mouth
– At Birth: 2 ml feed within first 6 hours of life
– Weak Lambs: 2 ml feed at birth and 2 ml per day for 3 days
– General Boost: 2 ml feed to boost the nutrient intake of weak lambs
– Supporting Recovering Lambs: 4 ml dose on first day and 2ml feed for next 3 days
* Only available Rep of Ireland

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