Opti-Mag 3


* Opti-Mag 3 Boli are moulded metal cylinders containing 100g of magnesium in a weighted iron shot
* It is indicated for use in adult cattle as an aid in the maintenance of magnesium intake during the high risk periods for magnesium deficiency at grazing
* Each bolus contains: 100g magnesium
* Two Opti-Mag 3 boli should be given to each animal two/three days before the expected period of risk e.g. before transfer from indoors to grass in the spring
* If necessary repeat no later then four weeks
* 1 bolus delivers 3g per day 2 boli deliver 6g per day Only to be given to cattle at least 300kg bodyweight
* Administer orally by using the specially designed bolus gun
* Load the gun by inserting the bolus into the open end
* Open the animals mouth and the gun should then be introduced carefully and gently until the bolus is in the region of the back of the tongue
* Severe pressure on the tongue should be avoided.
* Depression of the plunger will deliver the bolus onto the rear part of the tongue, thereby initiating a swallowing action
* The gun should then be carefully withdrawn from the mouth.
* A second bolus should then be administered following the same procedure
* Observe each animal for a short time after administration to ensure the boli have not been regurgitated

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