Animax Coprac Copper Bolus 20 x 35G


* Coprac® is a ruminal bolus for cattle providing slow release supplementation of copper, where dietary intake of copper is low, and 25mg of cobalt
* A proportion of the copper oxide needles lodges in the folds of the animal? stomach lining
* This provides a sustained-release source of copper
* This steady supplementation ensures adequate copper status but avoids the sharp rises in copper levels which can be associated with copper toxicity
* Use with cattle weighing over 200kg when trace element supplementationis indicated and copper is required
* Copper is released for approximately 6 months
* Extra applications are safe for larger animals
* Application guidelines;
Cattle weighing over 200kg: 1 bolus
Cattle weighing over 550kg: 2 boluses
* Trace element content:
Copper (as 30g copper oxide)
Cobalt 25mg

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