Cyclex 5L


* Clinically proven defence against oocysts responsible for coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis
* Practical easy to apply solution, easy to mix and easy to use
* Specially formulated, chlorocresol based disinfectant withstrong microbiocidal properties (passed EN1656, EN1657,EN14349)
* Passed the rigorous testing requirements recommended bythe German Veterinary Association (DVG) against spore-forming oocystsan
* Can be used in Poultry, Pig, Sheep, Goat & Cattle Housing
* Eliminates risk of residues (Cyuranic acid free)
* Contains no chemicals of industry concern (QUAT- free)
* Saves costs and loss of livestock
* RECOMMENDED USAGE: For best results, it is recommended that Cyclex is used in conjunction with a full Kilco Biosecurity Hygiene and Monitoring program
* Ensure all gross soiling is removed and that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with a premium Kilco foaming detergent product
* Rinse with clean water and allow surfaces to dry before the application of Cyclex
* For specific coccidial / cryptosporidial challenge apply a 3% v/v dilution, via a spray or foaming device, at a rate of 0.3L per square metre to cover all surfaces in the building as appropriate
* Allow a contact time of 4h

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