Lugols Iodine 500ml


* Lugols Iodine is an Aqueous Iodine oral solution for nutritional supplementation of iodine only
* Each ml contains 126mg of Iodine derived from Iodine and Potassium Iodide
* For animal use only
* Directions of use: 7ml of Lugol?s Iodine painted or sprayed onto the thin skin of the pocket flank fold once per week for 5 weeks before calving or breeding in cows
* Oral supplementation is recommended at 1ml/cow/day of Lugol?s Iodine to the trough of water
* Lactating Cows: In order to prevent excessive iodine in milk, supplementation of lactating cows should not exceed 12mg daily which is equivalent to approximately 0.1ml of Lugols Iodine daily
* Contains iodine BP, Potassium Iodide BP and Purifed Water BP

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