JFC 6 Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder – EazyFlow Teats


GF06-CT9 – JFC’s Calf Teat Feeders offer an efficient way of supplying milk to several calves at once. Each feeder is fitted with either an inverted or non-return valve teat to deliver milk by gravity feed. Designed with 10 individual compartments with 2L capacities. Can be fitted with Starter or EazyFlow teats. Designed with 2 reinforced hangers for mounting on a gate, rail or fence. An efficient way of delivering milk to several calves at once. Separate compartments allow for a more even distribution of milk. Ideal for use with the JFC Calf Hutch Systems.
Dimesions mm: 832L x 330H x 450W
Volume: 30L

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