Topimec Super 500ml


* Topimec Super 500ml Injectable for cattle
* A broad-spectrum endo and ecto-parasiticide
* For the treatemnt and control of mixed infestations of adult liver fluke, gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, eyeworms, mites & lice
* Active Ingredient:Ivermectin 1% w/v & clorsulon 10% w/v
* Class:Macrocyclic lactone/3-ML/clear with adult flukicide
* Dosage – 1ml per 50kg
* Withdrawal – Cattle: 66 days
* Not suitable for use in animals producing milk for human consumption

  • Only available in the Rep of Ireland

Description:. .

Admin Route:Subcutaneous injection
Dose Rate:Cattle: 1ml/50 kg

Meat Withdrawal Period:
66 days

Milk Withdrawal Period:
Do not use in animals producing milk for human consumption, including dairy heifers during pregnancy.

Persistent Activity:Lungworm up to 28 days, Cooperia spp. up to 14 days, Ostertagia o. up to 21 days
Doses Per Pack:Cattle 400kg: 250ml = 31. Only available in Rep of Ireland.

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