Milkshake Powder Colostrum 250g


* Milkshake Power-Colostrum for use when insufficient colostrum is available or is of poor quality
* Milkshake Power-Colostrum contains high levels of natural sources of Beta carotene which will cause colour spotting during the mixing process
* High Energy Power Feed for new born Calves & Lambs at Birth
* Supports Immunity of the newborn calf and lamb
* Provides High Energy
* Reduces the risk of Hypothermia
* Can be fed to calves or lambs as a natural alternative to colostrum
* Dosage rate: Add 250g (tub contents) to 1 litre of warm water 40°C. Mix thoroughly with a whisk until smooth
Mix in an additional 0.5 litres of warm water, making a total of approximately 1.5 litres
Feed immediately
* Feed entire mixture to calf as soon as possible after birth.
* Feed via teat or where necessary via a stomach tube ensuring all feeding equipment is clean

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