Antahi Trusti Lamb and Kid Tuber


* One-handed operation
* Safety indicator strips – know when the tube is safely positioned
* Specialised tube tip – prevents inadvertent airway insertion
* Stable base – allows you to pre-fill the vial
* Hole at tube end, not the side – good flow and allows cleaning of the whole tube
* Transparent tube – see the milk flow and see when clean
* Tube clip – Holds the tube off the ground, hygienic and handy
* Gravity flow – not pressurised, safer and easy to control
* Easy-hold handle
* 240ml capacity – one large or two smaller feeds without refilling
* Mix powdered colostrum in the vial
* Eye-catching colour makes her easy to find
* Flexible gentle tube, but not so soft it could coil in the throat
* Milk directly into the vial from the ewe/nanny without losing precious contents

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