Liveryman Nova Trimmer


* The perfect addition to any grooming kit for horses or pets
* The Liveryman Nova has been designed with agility in mind
* The Nova’s shape and weight make it easy to manoeuvre
* Perfect for show preperation, tidying-up or maintaining clip lines
* The fully adjustable blade gives you an in-hand choice of cut height from 0.2mm to 2mm
* Two comb accessories allow for cutting lengths of between 3mm/6mm and 9mm/12mm
* This cut height range and flexibility makes the Liveryman Nova the ideal trimmer for difficult and unpredictable areas as well as for general use trimming
* The Liveryman Nova trimmer is quiet with low vibration
* It is ideal for use around horses that are nervouse or sensitive to noise, especially around the face, ears and delicate areas
* The Liveryman Nova trimmer is rechargeable and has a long-life battery, allowing for multiple uses between charging
* Its neat size makes it a great addition to any grooming kit, ideal for use at home or at shows
* Voltage – 3v
* Speed – 6200 rpm
* Motor TYpe – DC
* Battery – Li-Ion
* Run time – 6hours
* Charging time – 3hours
* Blade – Nano ceramic moving blade, full steel fixed blade
* LED Indication
* Weight – 218g

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