Intra Hoof Fit Eco Bath 20ltr


* Intra Eco-Bath is a newly developed, innovative hoof bath soloution to maintain and support healthy hooves and dermis
* Based on natural ingredients the product fitss in the European organic farming philosophy
* Passing the bath will give the hooves a fresh green colour, which clearly indicates which ones have already passed
* The fresh minty smell stimulates all cows to easily walk through without hestitation
* Maintenance of lameness <5%
* A unique orgainic composition with chelated zinc and essential oils
* Strong adhesion for fresh green hooves
* Long-lasting avtivity, dertermined by Intra Eco-Bath Strips
* Safe and friendlyfor cow, farmer and biogas manure digester
* Even after 250 cow passages the bath remains fresh and green
* Essential peppermint oil relieves joint and muscle pains and acts as a natural air freshener

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