MHC Youngstock Grazers 25’s


* Young Stock Grazer is an extra strength trace element trace element bolus for calves to enhance the long term supply of trace elements, the essential nutrients repsonsible for the ky phase of early growth.
* A slow release trace element bolus containing the highest possible levels of Iodine, Copper, Selenium and Cobalt
* Young Stock Grazer is a single bolus application that provides 6 months cover
* Each box contains 25 boluses
* Trace element per bolus:
Copper: 12,500mg
Iodine: 1,125mg
Selenium: 105mg
Cobalt: 525mg
* Indications: To counter the effects of trace element deficiencies and to provide the crucial nutrients for the optimum growth and thrive in young stock
* Benefits:
Lasts up to 6 months
Slow release
Single bolus application
* Application:Calves over 100kg = 1 bolus

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