Smart Plug


* Luda.SmartPlug is a smart remote power switch you can control from your mobile phone
* It can be used anywhere you have GSM coverage
* Switch your equipment on and off from anywhere in the world and check both the temperature and power consumption
* You can also receive alarms in case of a power failure or if the temperature goes outside a desired range
* Power units, pumps, fans, lighting, etc. ? there is a variety of equipment on a farm that you would like to keep an eye on even when you are not there
* Using the My.Luda.Farm app, you can remotely control your equipment and also keep track of the current temperature, the current power consumption of the connected equipment (W) and the total consumption (kWh)
* A range of additional options is available, including timers, thermostats and alarms
* Gathered in the same app as your other Smart Farming products, My.Luda.Farm provides a collective and instant overview of key areas on the farm right on your mobile phone
* SIM Card, GSM connection and 12 month of Control+ are included
* 3 year warranty

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