Stockline ProbiVit-E Paste 30g


* Stockline ProbiVit-E Paste from Natural Stockcare restores the natural balance between harmful & beneficial bacteria
* Contains 10,000 million viable Organisms and 30mg of Vitamin E (3a700) per 1g
* Administer to all new animals as soon as possible after birth, and all bought in or batched animals, to ensure a postive gut population of beneficial natural micro-organisims is quickly established
* A well balanced and thriving gut population will assist all animals to grow and develop
* For animals subject to stress or following antibiotic treatment administer for 5 days or as required
* Stockline Probivit-E Paste is a natural product with no harmful side effects or withdrawal period
* Directions for Use: Orally feed to the back of the mouth
– Calves – 3g (1 syringe contains 10 calf doses)
– Piglets – 2g (1 syringe contains 15 piglet doses)
– Lambs – 2g ( 1 syringe contains 15 lamb doses)
– Adult Animal – 30g ( 1 full syringe)

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