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* OZOLEA-MAST is a non-drug veterinary device for intra-mammary use in dairy cows that helps dairy farmers reduce the use of antibiotics which are not strictly necessary, both for lactating cows and at dry-off
* Suitable for lactating and dry-off applications
* No chemical residues in milk & meat
* OZOLEA-MAST contains a food-grade vegetable oil, bioengineered to provide a physical barrier to the inner wall of the teat canal, without any pharmacological or metabolic effect
* It supports tissue functionality when not severely compromised.
* When to use OZOLEA-MAST?
You can use OZOLEA-MAST on several occasions:
– at the first signs of tissue imbalance or when, in the very early
stages of a mastitis, you are waiting for the results of a milk culture, or
when you recognize that there is no clear infection but the functionality of
the tissue is compromised (for example, due to the presence of flakes in
the milk or for the signal of the electrical conductivity of the milk),
– in the chronic case of a high somatic cells count or in the case of
recurrences with conventional treatments (make sure to test the somatic
cells at least 8 days after the last application of Ozolea-Mast: the lowering
of somatic cells in this case does not derive from a therapeutic eect but
come with an autonomous regeneration of the tissue, a slower
phenomenon but with persistent results),
– during or after the systemic antibiotic treatment recommended by
the veterinarian, to encourage the synergy and the best performance of
the local tissue by the animal,
– in tissue imbalances that are typical postpartum,
– or in the selective dry cows protocols, to avoid the use of antibiotics
in animals that have shown better health behavior during the last lactation

* How does OZOLEA-MAST work?
OZOLEA-MAST, once in contact with the inner wall of the teat canal, forms a physical filming barrier with two functions:
1. to create an uncomfortable environment for the bacteria and thus slow down the aggressiveness of the possible bacterial attack,
2. to reserve a respite for the tissue from exposure to the external environment and from bacterial attack, allowing it to proceed with the natural regeneration process.
The tissue, thus regenerated, is able to defend itself properly from further possible aggressions.

* How is OZOLEA-MAST applied?
The OZOLEA-MAST intra-mammary applicator is applied after milking by gently inserting the special spout into the teat canal: the best hygiene conditions must be observed to avoid contamination.

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