Eagle 120g


* Clover safe herbicide for the control of docks in grassland
* Active ingredient: Amidosulfuron 75% w/w
* Weeds controlled: Broad leaf and curled leaf dock
* Application rate: 120g treats 5 acres
* Eagle will control broadleaf and curled docks from seedling to rosette stage (200 mm high or across)
* Where docks are growing from an established tap root it is essential that there is a good leaf area for uptake of the herbicide
* If flower stems have started to develop, the field should be topped and spraying delayed until a new rosette has developed
* When docks are well established or where there is a large reservoir of seed in the soil a programme of treatments may be required for long term control
* Avoid extremes of temperature at application (min of 7C at night for 5 days)
* Only available in Rep of Ireland

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