Pasture Pack (Thrust 5Ltr + Tandus 2Ltr)


* Cost effective control of all problematic weeds in established grass
* Active ingredient: (2,4 D 344g/L + Dicamba 120g/L) + (Fluroxypyr 200g/L)
* Application rate: One pack treats 6 acres (+/- 1 acre, depending on weed infestation
* Weeds controlled: Docks, thistles, nettles, buttercup, dandelion, daisy
* Pasture pack should be applied to actively growing target weeds
* Depending on weed infestation levels, one pack should be applied to 5-7 acres
* Where ragwort is a problem, an adequate amount of D50 should be added to the mix
* Withholding period is normally 14 days, but this increases when ragwort is present
* Avoid extremes of temperature at application (min of 7C at night for 5 days)
* Pasture pack is not clover safe
* Only available in Rep of Ireland

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