Sacrolyte Single Sachet


* A complete feeding stuff recommended for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance in young calves and pigs
* Blend of electrolytes and glucose that feed the calf and correct digestive upsets
* Can be used for both mild and extreme stomach upsets
* Can be mixed with both whole milk and milk replacer to ease calf back into full milk feed
* Perfect first feed for bought in calves and calves that are under significant stress
* Powder formulation allows for fresh solution to be made before each feeding
* Sacrolyte sachet is an easily mixed electrolyte and digestive supplement to even up the balance of water and electrolytes in young calves
* Calves suffering from diarrhoea, scour or any digestive upset can be given a diluted Sacrolyte sachet to aid in their recovery
* The Sacrolyte can be mixed with milk and milk replacer to further feed and aid sick calves
* Only available in Rep of Ireland

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