Cobalt Sulphate 1Kg


* Cobalt Sulphate is vital for ruminant animals, ie cattle, sheep, Goats
* Cobalt Sulphate helps the the enzymes of the gut by aiding in the production of vitamin B12
* Vitamin B12 is vital for the gut microbes to convert the stomach contents into digestible matter that is used for energy and weight gain
* Therefore, if cobalt is in short supply, this will restrict the manufacture of vitamin B12 and this will result in the lambs not being able to properly digest their food
* Cobalt Sulphate can help with keep cobalt levels up in the animals by mixing it with water and giving it as aan oral drench
* Dosage Rate: 30ml per Ewe
* Mixing Rate: 100grams with 5ltr Water
* Features of Cobalt Sulphate:
– Essential for ruminant animals
– Increases production of Vitamin B12
– Used by animal to produce energy

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