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* Virkon Aquatic is a concentrated disinfectant powder that can be mixed with water, to form a powerful disinfecting solution with efficacy against fish viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds
* Virkon Aquatic is the specially designed as a disinfectant for use in fish culture operations
* It has been independently proven to be effective against significant aquatic pathogens
* Virkon Aquatic kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold
* Virkon Aquatic is fast acting, colorless, fragrance free and non-irritating
* This makes it the ultimate disinfectant for use in around water courses
* The ingredients were selected for their ability to degrade quickly within the environment, causing as little disruption to the environment as possible
* Virkon Aquatic solutions are stable for at least 7 days before breaking down
* The actual solution life can vary and will be reduced by exposure to organics and UV light
* What is the difference betweenVirkon Aquaticand Virkon-S? nVirkon Aquatic was first made available in the USA in May of 2007 and it is specifically designed for use in fish culture. Virkon-S is designed for use in the production of poultry, swine, and other types of agriculture. Virkon Aquatic is made without the indicator dye or perfume that is found in Virkon-S. These have been removed to make the product safe for use around fish and other aquatic life. Virkon Aquatic has a formulation based on the same active ingredients as Virkon-S but it’s inert ingredients are chosen for safe use in aquatic applications. There are also important EPA labeling differences between Virkon Aquatic and Virkon-S. The EPA approved label for Virkon Aquatic contains expanded aquaculture claims and applications and is approved for use in aquaculture. Virkon-S is no longer recommended for use in aquaculture and its label will no longer carry EPA approval for aquaculture claims.nnFeatures of VirkonnWide Virucidal disinfectantnAnti bacterial and Anti FungalnDetergent propertiesnAchieve pathogen free surfacesnSustainable. Only available in Rep of Ireland.

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