Powerstart Instan 100 tonne


* Accesses all the sugars available in grass – Grass contains two types of sugar – simple and complex
* Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose are simple sugars and Fructan is a complex sugar
* In normal conditions over 50% of the sugars in grass are complex and in poor conditions they can make up to 85%
* The bacteria in Powerstart, AberF1, can access 100% of both the simple and complex sugars
* The AberF1 bacteria convert a portion of the sugar in the grass solely into lactic acid
* Improves fermentation – The speed of a Powerstart fermentation means that more of the quality nutrients are conserved and ammonia levels are negligible
* This formation efficiency means more sugar is preserved for the cow to benefit from and because the only product of the fermentation is lactic acid, intake potential is maximised
* The result is – Cows love to eat Powerstart treated silage. Highly palatable and less waste. They eat more and perform better, both in terms of production and reproduction
* 1 Sachet = 25 tonne silage treated
* Keep Refrigerated until use

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