Valiant Foam Active 20L


* VALIANT FOAM ULTRA is a pre-milking hygiene product
* It comes in the form of a foam and is much more effective than in liquid form
* Foam enters all nooks and crannies, effectively combating bacteria
* Thanks to its adhesion, the foam cleans teats immediately after administration
* The unique three-stage foam action makes the teats clean and flexible before milking
* Valiant Active Foam contains a specially developed form of chlorine dioxide, which disinfects teats extremely effectively, thanks to its resistance to air
* Chlorine dioxide is prepared by mixing 500 ml of catalyst with 20 liters of base fluid, thanks to which we obtain a preparation that foams very easily, ready for use by the next 14 days
* It provides a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity, even when it is 20% contaminated with organic matter from manure, milk or soil
* Valiant Active Foam should be applied using a foam foam cut
* It should be left on the teat for 30 seconds and then removed with a disposable cloth

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