Animax Allsure Lamb Finisher with Copper 250s


* The Allsure® Lamb range of intra-ruminal, leaching boluses use unique and proven leaching technology to provide slow release supplementation of the 4 essential trace elements at known and optimum levels
* The Allsure® lamb range includes approximately 6-month* products for replacement lambs and approximately 4-month* products for finisher lambs*.
* Allsure® Lamb boluses are easily given to ruminant animals using a specially designed Animax applicator
* The bolus enters the animal’s rumen/reticulum and lodges there and the trace elements leach out from the bolus at a known and safe rate
* Spent boluses eventually become enlarged and are shed naturally
* Use with finishing lambs over 20kg and over 5 weeks old
* It is an economical 5-month supply for use when trace element supplementation is indicated and copper is required
* Application guidelines: Lambs weighing over 20kg and over 5 weeks old: 1 bolus and 1 capsule
* Trace element content:Copper oxide 2g – Cobalt 100mg – Iodine 315mg – Selenium 50mg

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