Lectade Plus Single Sachet


* Lectade Plus is an oral rehydration therapy which is indicated for the treatment of scour in calves
* Lectade Plus acts by reversing the process of dehydration, acidosis and loss of electrolytes associated with diarrhoea, whether caused by bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidia or inappropriate nutrition
* Duration of treatment: Lectade Plus may be used on its own for a maximum of 4 days
* Lectade Plus may be used on its own or in conjunction with oral antibiotics such as amoxicillin, ampicillin and oxytetracycline
* Dosage Rate : Always feed Sachet A and Sachet B together with 2 litres of fresh water
* When scour symptoms show immediatley withdraw milk or milk replacer and offer 2 litres of solution twice daily for 2 days (4 feeds)
* For the next four feeds offer 1 litre of Lectade Plus solution added to 1ltr of milk or milk replacer
* Thereafter feed as normal
* Lectade plus may be used on its own for a maximum of four days
* Zero meat, offal and milk withdrawal
* Only available in Rep of Ireland

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