Leovet Cold Pack Plus Aloe Vera 300ml


* Leovet Cold Pack Plus containing Aloe Vera for enhanced well-being keeps your horse in top condition even after strenuous legwork
* It works in a two-fold fashion first by providing a refreshing cool-down effect then with a soothing and deep penetrating heat
* Arnica and Rosemary both stimulate and relax whilst pampering nerves, tendons, joints and the entire muscular system
* The highly effective combination of natural substances with Aloe Vera soothes and cares for the entire body
* Working as an anti-inflammatory it improves mobility and reduces swelling even when stabled
* Used without bandages it heals and soothes bruises and sprains while nourishing the skin
* For competition horses please note substances may show in dope test
* Recommended to stop use 48-60 hours before competing

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