Tracesure Cattle with Copper 20’s


* Tracesure Cattle with Copper Bolus provides consistent and constant supplementation of copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt
* This is vitally important to the health and wellbeing for cattle as they can go through a number of stressful periods during the year
* They need to have the correct balance and amount of nutrients to fend off disease and infection whilst supporting growth and performance
* These boluses can be administered as a preventative measure or to rectify a known problem
* This will provide up to 6 months supplementation
* Tracesure Cattle with Copper Boluses are administered orally
* Use a suitable dosing gun to put 2 boluses into the back of the mouth at the same time
* Take care during administration to avoid injury to the mouth and pharynx
* Always ensure the animal swallows the boluses
* Give no other selenium supplement within 6 months except under veterinary advice
* Should not be used in areas where the herbage is of high selenium content
* Animals should only be dosed if copper deficiency exists or is known to be a risk
* For animal use only
* Keep out of the reach of children
* Dosage: Animals 220kg – 500kg – 1 application, Animals over 500kg – 2 applications

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