Agrimin24;7 Magnesium 10x40g Cattle Bolus


* Agrimin Cattle Boluses is a sustained release bolus containing an alloy of magnesium, copper and aluminium
* Licenced to aid the prevention of hypomagnesaemia (tetany) in cows and ewes grazing rapidly growing Spring grass
* Helping farmers manage the magnesium status of their herd or flock over high risk periods
* Agrimin 24-7 magnesium cattle boluses are moulded metal cylinders of a magnesium/aluminium copper alloy
* After swallowing they lie in the reticulum or at the base of the rumen and break down releasing magnesium continuously by electrolytic action throughout their active live(4weeks)
* The iron shot is eliminated in the faeces of the animal as small discrete particles
* Intended for cattle over 300kg
* Use pre-calving to help boost magnesium intake
* Active life of 28 days
* No meat and milk withdrawal period

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