Crypto-Cox 5ltr


* Crypto-Cox is a complementary feed for Pre-weaned calves and lambs containing natural plant extracts and organic acids
* Crypto-Cox is high in natural antioxidants and promotes gut health
* Controls Cryptosporidium and reduces infection load
* Enhances immunity and protection in young vulnerable calves and lambs and helps reduce medication usage
* Improves gut health and weight gain in calves and lambs
* Possesses anti-inflammatory properties and has antioxidant effects
* Directions: Dosage per calf/lamb per day
– Newborn suckler calves ? 50ml per day for first 5 days
– Bought in calves ? 50ml for 1st day and 10ml for the next 7 days
– Scouring calves ? 25ml per day for the duration of scour as part of normal electrolyte, nutritional and veterinary programme
– Lambs ? 10 ml daily for the first 3 days, which can be extended if necessary

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