CoseIcure Cattle Bolus + Iodine 20s


* COSEICURE soluble glass boluses supply rumen available copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine in ionic form, at a controlled and constant rate, for up to 5 months in cattle and up to 6 months in sheep
* For supplementation of animals at risk from copper, selenium and iodine deficiencies, and for the improvement of cobalt supply
* COSEICURE soluble is a cylindrical blue glass continual release intraruminal device approximately 82mm x 24mm and weighing approximately 100g
– Remove the bolus from the foil and ensure the bolus is at room temperature 15 -20°C before administration
– Ruminating cattle over 2 months of age and weighing over 100kg body weight: 2 boluses.
– Administer orally using a balling gun which delivers the bolus directly into the top of the gullet
– Great care should be taken not to cause any injury by rough handling or by placing the applicator too far inside the throat of the animal * Ensure that each animal has swallowed the boluses by holding the mouth closed and observing the animal for a short time after dosing
* Gentle massage of the throat may facilitate swallowing of the boluses
* Do not administer the recommended dosage to animals more frequently than once every 4 months to animals receiving concentrates or every 5 months to cattle at pasture * The boluses can be given at any time, e.g. to dairy cows at drying off or at calving or 30 days post calving or at artificial insemination
– Meat and offal: zero days. Milk: zero days
* Do not administer to non-ruminating calves or to animals weighing less than 100kg bodyweight. Do not administer to sheep.
* COSEICURE boluses contain:
13.4% Ionic Copper
0.50% Ionic Cobalt
0.15% Ionic Selenium (as sodium selenate)
1.00% Ionic Iodine (as calcium iodate)
* Copper
COSEICURE boluses have a unique ionic copper formulation, which is highly effective at treating and preventing copper deficiency. The unique, ionic copper is rumen-available , which allows the boluses to also treat and prevent a condition called Thiomolybdate Toxicity (TMT) which can be detrimental to fertility, thrive and productivity. Thiomolybdate Toxicity is caused by molybdenum and sulphur absorption and is often mistaken for copper deficiency.

* Selenium
Selenium deficiency can result in White Muscle Disease, impaired reproduction, retained placenta, reduced immunity and reduced milk production.

* Cobalt
Cobalt is required for the production of vitamin B12, which is important for thrive and fertility. The body has no capacity to store cobalt, meaning cobalt must be continuously supplied.

* Iodine
COSEICURE boluses deliver all of the benefits of our COSECURE boluses, but also simultaneously supplement iodine. Animals deficient in iodine can suffer from a range of problems, including poor growth, weight loss, impaired reproductive health, reduced bone growth, decreased milk yields, calves born hairless and lambs born weak or dead.

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