Rumen Booster 100g


* Rumen Booster is used for freshly calved cows and calves
* Providing a speedy means to support normalising of digestive disturbances of either a primary or secondary nature
* RUMEN BOOSTER contains the water soluble B vitamins thiamine, cobalamin and niacin
* In animals that have reduced appetite, metabolic disease, infection or is metabolising body condition requirements for these b-vitamins are increased
* At the same time endogenous synthesis of B vitamins by the rumen microflora is reduced because of poor feed intake poor microbial activity and reduced fermentation
– Feed the contents of one sachet (100g) mixed in feed twice daily for 4 days for optimum results
– If appetite is reduced give the contents of 2 sachets (200g) twice daily for 2 days
* Young Cattle ? Feed as above giving half quantities in each case

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