Kilcox Extra 5L


* Kilcox Extra 5L by Kilco is a heavy duty disinfectant which can be used in the management of protozoa such as Coccidiosis (Coxy) and cryptosporidiosis
* It is proven effective again parasites, viruses and bacteria (including E.coli) and can be used as a poultry disinfectant, as well as in all livestock housing
* Can be used in Poultry, Pig, Sheep and Cattle housing
* DEFRA Approved
* Low odour
* A blend of high grade synthetic phenol, glutaraldehyde and a quaternary ammonium compound
* Before using Kilcox Extra, all surfaces should be cleaned and rinsed with clean water
* For standard disinfection use at 1%, for use against Coccidiosis use at 2%
* Results show Kilcox Extra destroys 100% oocysts at 2% application

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