Copper-Max Paste 30G


* A palatable, easy-to-use paste formulation containing Copper, Zinc and biotin
* 30g graduated oral dosing syringe
* Ideally suited for horses at grass but also may be used in the management of Copper in take of those horses kept indoors where daily in-feed supplementation is not the preferred choice
* Benefits of Chelated Copper –
– Fertility
– Bone & connective tissue development
– Red blood cell production
– Hoof Health
* Zinc Supports –
– The Immune System
– Skeletal Development


– Chelated Copper ? required for the healthy development and integrity of connective tissue as well as being required for bone development

– Zinc ? involved in protein and carbohydrate synthesis. Important for the integrity of the skin

– Biotin ? to support healthy hoof horn growth


Can be used in breeding or for performance horses as an alternative to daily supplementation
Ideal for horses kept at pasture


All horses including young stock. Only available in Rep of Ireland.

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