Horslyx Original Balancer 650g


* The Horslyx Original Balancer Lick will balance any nutritional definicies in forage and grazing, ensuring your horse stays happy and healthy all year round
* When fed at the recommended intake levels, Horslyx is a cost-effective and low starch way to balance your horse’s diet
* It’s suitable for all horses, from those in light work or at rest needing a low calorie diet to performance horses needing an additional boost to their diet
* This Original Balancer Lick works as a boredom breaker as well as encouraging natural trickle feeding habits. Licking also enhances saliva production, helping to support the digestive system
* This balancer is the ideal choice for older equines which may struggle to eat hard feed due to poor denitition
* The plastic container offers a weatherproof feeding solution, making this lick perfect to feed in the stable and in the field

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